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王雨涵 Wang, Yu-Han
助理教授 Assistant Professor
研究領域:user-centered design / emotional design / user experience/ Cultural sensitivity/ Aesthetic awareness

英國倫敦布魯內爾大學設計博士 PhD Design Research in Brunel University London (98年教育部公費留學工藝設計類公費生)

英國高等教育學院副研究員Associate Fellow of The Higher Education Academy in UK
設計研究協會會員 (Design Research Society)
英國倫敦布魯內爾大學研討會組織委員會會員(5th Annual SED Research Student Conference, Brunel University London)

2015 三分鐘博士論文發表比賽學院獎
Prize for 3 minutes presentation at Brunel University, Participating for 3 minutes presentation of Brunel Final

2015 設計類論文發表演說獎 / 倫敦布魯內爾大學研究生研討會
Prize for ‘Oral presentation in design’ at Research Student Conference,Brunel University London

2014 以人為中心之設計研究獎(文化產品設計) /2014倫敦設計博覽會
Prize for ‘Best Received Project’ on Human Centred Design, London Design Festival

2013 以人為中心之設計研究獎(文化產品設計)/ 倫敦布魯內爾大學
Prize for ‘Best Received Project’ on Human Centred Design, Brunel University London

2012 第四屆科學創新與經濟重組博士生論壇論文演說獎/ 牛津大學
Prize in The 4th CSSAUK PhD Forum, Scientific Innovation and Economy Restructuring, Oxford University.

2009 教育部公費留學工藝設計類公費生

2009 教育部留學獎學金設計類甲組 建築、規劃與設計學群

2003 中華民國斐陶斐榮譽會員

(a) 個人著作
Wang, Y.H. (2016) Chinese Cultural features for new product design development. PhD Thesis. Brunel University London.
Wang, Y.H. (2007) A Study on Applying Wiki Platform for the Design of Group Activities in Visual Art Instruction. Master Thesis. National Taichung University of Science and Technology.

(b) 期刊論文
Wang, Y.H. (2016) An investigation of emotional appraisal on Chinese cultural products. Journal of Design Research. (under review)

(c) 研討會論文
Wang, Y.H. et al., (2013) Culture-inspired design principles, methods and tools in current products. In: IASDR (International Association of Societies of Design Research), 2013 IASDR Conference: Consilience and Innovation in Design. Tokyo, Japan, 26-30 August 2013.

You, G.N. and Wang, Y.H. (2009) A Study on Applying Wiki Platform for The Design of Group Activities in Visual Art Instruction. In: IATED (International Association of Technology, Education and Development), International Conference on Education and New Learning Technologies. Barcelona,Spain, 6-8 July 2009.

Wang, Y.H. and You, G.N. (2007) On the Establishment of a Wiki for Exploring Taiwanese Native Art and Culture. In Southern Taiwan University of Science and Technology, International Conference on Digital Design Creativity. Tainan,Taiwan, 15-16 March 2007.

Wang, Y.H. and You, G.N. (2007) On the Application of Wiki Platform to Support the Group Activities of a Design-Oriented Painting Course. In Department of Information and Technology in Ministry of Education, Taiwan Academic Network Conference. Taipei, Taiwan, 22-25th October 2007. Taipei: National Taiwan University.