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We cultivate our students with culture, creativity and business management training to become commercial elites who are socially responsible with world and innovation visions. In promoting product design management and cultural innovation business, we focus on three aspects, art, business and technology. International prospective and world-class citizen are qualities we pride our students in becoming the best in the industry. Being right next to International Taoyuan Aerotropolis, the doorway of the nation to the global community, we have a competitive advantage in staying on top of the nation’s future development. Industrial design managerial talents who graduate from our school are well prepared both in theories and practice.


  1. Our courses emphasize the integration of cultural innovation, product design and business management.
  2. Professional courses combine practice and theory for students to have corporate-needed skills.
  3. Our courses offer co-instructed by designers and management in the industry for students to learn more knowledge from industry.
  4. Our courses enhance cultural and artistic appreciation for students to have professional specialty for cultural industries development and innovation.
  5. Our courses emphasize application of product design, and encourage students to develop multi-skills and take part the competitions.
  6. Our courses cultivate communication skills in Chinese and English, and strengthen commercial internationalization and academic exchange.
  7. Our courses link regional characteristics to combine international Taoyuan Aerotropolis and local industry, and to lay the foundations for establishing strategies of cultural product industries development and innovation